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Below is the link to our extended warranty agreement in .pdf format. Please download the file and print two copies. Mail one copy to:

L&S Air Conditioning & Heating
255 Elliott Rd Ste 1
Henderson nv 89011


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This contact is made on Contract Date Chosen between L&S Air Conditioning Service/Maintenance Department, City of Henderson, State of Nevada, and the flowing party (referred to as client) who is Responsible for payment of the work described further below:
Work to be performed at the following location(s):
For valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:
  • L&S Air Conditioning perform a complete system check prior to signing of this agreement.
Note: Systems are to be in an operable condition within the limits of factory specifications in order for L&S Air Conditioning to sign/accept agreement
  • Recommendations will be provided per unit as noted on the checklist.
  • L&S Air Conditioning shall provide all labor and material cost to maintain operation of said HVAC equipment which includes and breakdown during the period of the contract and excludes any electrical, plumbing, roofing, and any per-existing problems that are not noted within this agreement.
  • Work shall commence on the following preferred date:
  • Client shall pay L&S Air Conditioning (for work/services to be performed as noted above) in the total amount of:

for a contract period of

Payments are to be:
NOTE: Overdue payments shall bear an 18% late charge and if L&S Air Conditioning undertakes Collection or enforcement efforts, Client shall be liable for all costs thereof, including attorney fees. Default in payment will result in voiding of agreement.
  • This agreement is for the physical legal address and the signee of this agreement cannot transfer agreement to any other physical legal address or cannot be transferred to anyone but the signee of this agreement.
L&S Air Conditioning shall provide adequate personnel to fulfill the service requirements, and may perform services at times at Clients location(s) as the parties may agree.

No modification of the agreement will be effective unless it is in writing and is signed by both parties. This agreement binds and benefits both parties. This document, including any attachments, is the entire agreement between the parties upon signing of this agreement.

This agreement does not hold L&S Air Conditioning liable for any acts of vandalism, act of nature, theft, neglect, any form of tampering with by individuals other than L&S Air Conditioning personnel, and or prior maintenance.